Carlos Dinamarca

Environmental Process Engineering specialist with +20 years of experience. Operation support and process optimization based on process data and chemical analysis. Experience in diverse process units in Norway and abroad including biogas, biogas up-gradation, sulphide removal, syngas fermentation, chemical dosage, nitrification, denitrification, and bioelectrochemical systems.


  • Professor 2020-today; Department of Process, Energy and Environment, University of South-Eastern Norway (USN), Porsgrunn, Norway.
  • Associate Professor (2010-2020); Department of Process, Energy and Environment, University of South-Eastern Norway (USN), Porsgrunn, Norway.
  • Environmental Engineering Consultant (2009-2019), Dinamarca Consulting, Stathelle, Norway
  • Assistant professor (2004-2009), Telemark University College (TUC), Porsgrunn, Norway.
  • Consultant for Fishing Industry (2) (2001 -2003), Puerto Montt, Chile
  • Chemistry teacher (2002-2003), secondary and pre-University schools, Santiago & Puerto Montt, Chile
  • Lector, Water Chemistry (2000-2001), University Polytechnic of the Coast (ESPOL), Ecuador.
  • Research Internship (1999), Federal University of Santa Catarina, Florianopolis Brazil.
  • Teaching & laboratory assistant 1994-1998, University of Antofagasta (UA), Chile.


  • Ph.D. Environmental Biotechnology (2010), Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Norway. Dissertation: Homoacetogenic H2 Consumption in Fermentative Hydrogen Production Processes.
  • M.Sc., Environmental Analysis, Aquaculture (2001), ESPOL/KU LEUVEN/UC LEUVEN, Ecuador/Belgium.
  • Siv. Eng.  Aquaculture (1998), University of Antofagasta (UA), Chile.
  • B.Sc. in MarineScience (1995), University of Antofagasta (UA), Chile.


  • Expert in water and wastewater quality parameters, environmental evaluation, and analytical techniques according to US/NO standards methods.
  • Experienced with Instrumentation for chemical analysis such as gas chromatography, ion chromatography, liquid chromatography, Absorption spectroscopy, TOC analyser, Infrared spectroscopy, and others.
  • Experienced in sampling and analytical routines designed towards the efficient operation of process units wastewater/sludge treatment units. Experienced in fieldwork, sampling and mass and energy balance.
  • Evaluation, optimisation, and design of biological wastewater/sludge treatment units.
  • Data analysis, descriptive, analytical and multivariate statistics, graphics, and dashboard.
  • Characterisation of electrochemical systems (reactor environment): Linear sweep voltammetry, cyclic voltammetry, Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS), Potensiostatic tests.


Spanish (mother language); Norwegian (Fluent), English (Fluent), Portuguese (Good)